Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Yeah, feeling this one

We had practically no winter, with February temperatures frequently in the 70s, and then a week ago we had about 8 inches of snow. How do I feel about this? Like this:

And I fucking HATE California. But the late winter blast made me briefly reconsider. It started a week ago Monday night (the night of March 13):

Yeah, coming down good:

No, seriously:

This, after a winter with almost no snow at all, and only a couple cold snaps. Then in mid-March, we got about 6-8 inches. If not for the late sleet and freezing rain, it would have been a much higher snow total:

Trust me, what we got was enough:

Anyway, that cost me a day of work last week. The project is still going, for reasons unknown to me, and is still at high hours, much to my mystification. Anyway, that's my excuse for not posting. I'm sticking with it.

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