Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sometimes stuff just happens -- so write a haiku about it

So, the other day, in what has become an increasingly rare event, I put up a post about document review haikus, challenging readers to post their own document review haiku in the comments. Obviously, such a post would only appeal to temps, and while temps are a part of the audience, they likely are far outnumbered by spambots searching for porn. But I digress.

The haiku post led to a discussion in my room at work that yielded a sentence that, in about 30 seconds -- a new land speed record -- led to this document review haiku:
Can't believe this shit
Some fuckers priv everything
It boggles the mind.
Obviously, this project involves determining whether documents are protected under attorney-client or some other privilege. Most people have no basis upon which to write a haiku about this process, or any other aspect of document review, for that matter. Accordingly, I am inviting the readership of Eff You to write a haiku about whatever. Just put it in the comments, and all haikus will be promoted to post status. Especially the dirty ones. Write it.

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Anonymous said...

Placed in basement
with leaden walls and Flourine
life is pretty good