Saturday, March 11, 2017

I think the swordfish is dead

We got sent home early a couple times recently, and today we sat idle for eight hours before a little work finally appeared. It was gone by the time I left. Just a little clean-up stuff. I think this swordfish is done.

Some folks will be kept, but it looks like any day now, about three-fourths of the 200 or so people on this project will be looking for work. The company driving this merger usually keeps a fire brigade for months after most folks are let go, and I've been kept both times I have previously worked for this company on mergers, but past performance is no guarantee of future results. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think we're looking at this:

I could be wrong. It might not be tomorrow. But it will be soon.

And we won't even always have Paris. We'll just be looking for work again.

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