Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bathroom etiquette? Really?

This project is so close to over that I figure I'm going to be fired any day now, so why worry about accelerating things? Early in this project, I was posting emails from management that reflected badly on both management and the kindergarteners they are trying to manage. I stopped because I learned from several sources that someone on the project was trying to get me fired because of what I was posting on the blog.

As it turns out, the person who was trying to get me fired has decided I'm OK. The darkhorse candidate for the person trying to get me fired has been fired, so I figure I have nothing to fear there. Given all that, laissez les bon temps roulez.

Earlier in the project, we got an email that is all too typical for TempTown. We have inadequate bathroom space on this project, with a five-holer for the guys -- two urinals, three toilets -- and based on my knowledge of plumbing, three stalls for the women's room. We also have a one-seat "handicapped" bathroom. This is a de facto second chance for women. With more than 200 people on the project, yeah, the facilities are inadequate.

It apparently is a bone of contention, based on an email sent to the entire project. Of course, management neglected to mention that we simply don't have enough seats to accommodate the number of people who need to let it go. And they left out that apparently folks are willing to go to war over the handicapped bathroom. Plus they left out the part about this becoming a full-on screamfest in the main women's bathroom when two combatants came face-to-face. Actual email from management:
We would like to remind everyone that if you approach the single-person restroom and find that it is locked, you should assume that it is occupied. You should not repeatedly try the door, or bang on it. Instead, please wait until the restroom is free, or find another restroom to use. Everyone is working long hours in rather close quarters, so it is important to do whatever we can to respect each other’s privacy whenever possible.
You know what else they left out? Someone smeared poo on the wall of the women's restroom a few weeks ago. Poo? Really? Even among temps, this surprises me. Someone going full Poo-casso, doing abstract fingerpainting on the bathroom wall in poo? Really? Yeah, really.

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