Thursday, June 8, 2017

I always knew Brett Favre was a cowboy, but . . .

. . . apparently in his early years as the Packers' starter he was winging it even more than people thought. By all means, watch the video, but here is a transcript of when he decided he needed to ask Ty Detmer, the Packers' backup quarterback, some basic questions:
"So after about our second year [together], finally I said I just gotta know. So, I said, 'Ty, I gotta ask you a question.' And Ty was about as goofy as I was. He says, 'What's that?' I said 'What's a nickel defense?' He gets real quiet. He says 'Are you serious?' I said 'yeah, I'm serious.' He says 'Well, they basically take out a linebacker and bring in a DB.' I said 'that's it?' He said 'That's it.' I said 'Who gives a s---?'"
I'm sorry, but this just makes me love him more.

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