Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Yes, more farming

I went to The Farm this past weekend, and I did stuff. We had brussel sprouts, which were a bad idea Farmer Tom had because they were on sale, really cheap. They were on sale really cheap in April because you can't harvest brussel sprouts -- I have no damn idea how to spell it -- until after the first frost, which is why you plant them in August, not April. In any event, we had these brussel sprouts:

I pulled them out and we then had dirt:

I have not yet planted anything in this particular dirt. Perhaps this weekend. I also weeded the shit out of the bed the spinach was in until about two weeks ago, when I harvested all of it. I planted beans there:

 And then I watered the shit out of that bed:

 Next up, I went to the little bed that could and pulled out the brussel sprouts that Farmer Tom planted there, hoping to come up with seeds, I guess:

That bed is now empty, as well. Probably going to be more garlic. Farmer Tom decides what to plant, I keep it alive. Right now, that bed is just dirt:

I was able to harvest a few things, though, even as early in the season as it is. Cold weather crops continue to finish up. Such as swiss chard:

And kale:

And whatever kind of lettuce this is:

And this big-ass head lettuce that is not iceberg:

More coming, as we finish up the winter crops and put in more summer stuff.

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