Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Readers of this blog continually surprise me

Sure, the comments often come as a surprise, as do the places people come here from. But today, someone used search terms that about floored me: "Eugene Robinson is an idiot."

Naturally, this is true, but it also is the title of this post, which I wrote shortly after the massacre at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. As some of you may recall, Charlie Hebdo is a French satire weekly that used to publish lots of cartoons mocking radical Islamists. They don't anymore, because the guys who drew the cartoons as well as the guys who thought it was a good idea to publish those cartoons all got killed that day.

It never hurts to tell Islamists to fuck off. So, Islamists, fuck off:

No, really. Fuck off, Islamists. Come by sometime to get your 72 virgins or whatever you think is waiting for you. Fascinating to me that someone used those search terms to find the blog. Pretty specific, really.

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