Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Yes, I've been farming

I went to The Farm the other day. Mostly, I harvested. There is some weeding to do, but I focused on getting stuff out of the ground. I cleared out the spinach bed, because it is getting too hot for spinach and it has stopped growing:

I peeked in on the okra, which is coming up nicely:

Lots of leaf lettuce coming up, as well:

The peas look good. In a couple three weeks, we'll start harvesting those:

The broccolinis -- only individual florets grow, not entire heads -- are doing well:

Carrots are coming in nicely:

I harvested some broccolinis:

Brought in some kale, as well:

Also Swiss chard:

And, of course, since I closed out the spinach bed, a bunch of spinach:

Against all odds, I harvested some cauliflower:

All of the cold-weather crops are just about done. Soon we will be switching completely to summer crops. The transition is underway, but we should have more bean beds in place soon, replacing spinach, broccoli and the like. Stay tuned.

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