Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's almost like environmentalists just want to be wrong

I can't include the entire chart because that would be a copyright problem, but a poster at Red State has put together a succinct history of the failure of environmentalists' predictions, including these:

A Short History Of A Failed Philosophy
YearPredictionHow It Turned Out
1962DDT Would Destroy The EcologyRachel Carson in her book Silent Spring triggered the move to over regulate pesticides and in particular banning DDT. How did it turn out ? Well we use more pesticides now than we have ever before, the big threat to birds these days are Windmills and most people are living longer than ever. Negative Results: Deaths in third world countries are estimated in the 10s of millions from diseases carried by insects
1968Population BombPaul Ehrlich’s prediction of Malthusian apocalypse for humanity. Overpopulation was predicted to exhaust all the earths resources, and completely exhaust our ability to feed ourselves. If we were lucky by that far future decade of the 1980s we would be living in a Mad Max desert scrabbling for buried canned goods. How’d that one turn out ? Well I see people trying to lose weight all over the place, and I have made a hobby of ordering foods I have never tried from strange places.
1970sGlobal CoolingDon’t let them snow you this was a real unreal thing. During the 70s and early 80s there were widespread predictions of a coming ice age* and we would all be moving south or living under glaciers. This was a bad prediction but a good look at how the greens use scare stories. Carl Sagan was one of the proponents of the original idea which he expanded into his Nuclear Winter scenario. The goal was to force disarmament on the U.S.
1972Limits To GrowthResource exhaustion: Collapse of world civilization by mid 21st century. Give them credit the people that came up with this one made sure they would never be called on it. 45 years in though it doesn’t look good. We have actually had several collapses in the price of basic commodities due to oversupply since the book was written. The U.S. is well on it’s way to being energy independent again (thank you fracking) and we are still eating more than we should and exercising not as much as we should
1980Global WarmingGlobal Warming, climate change, man bear pig, is the follow up scare story to global cooling. This time around literally hundreds of predictions are being made. A cynic would characterize this a strategic decision to prevent it from being discredited. How has it done ? Well we have had no warming for nearly the past 20 years. (Well excepting that which comes from adjusting the temperature record up)

Go to Red State for the rest of the chart. Why does anyone ever listen to them?

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