Thursday, July 5, 2018

Could the Faroes (gasp!) pull away from Denmark?

According to one Agence France Presse story, apparently, there is strong sentiment in the Faroe Islands to become independent of Denmark after 600 years of admittedly loose Danish rule. I guess it's understandable -- the islands are nearly 700 miles northwest of the Danish capitol, Copenhagen, and since 1948 they've had their own flag and governing institutions. Of course, they have their own culture and language which long predate Danish rule.

Hey, they're Vikings, damn it, and Vikings aren't ruled, they rule! And rape, pillage, and plunder, but that kind of stuff seems to be well in the past. But these days, all Denmark controls is defense of the islands, as well as some aspects of foreign policy, monetary policy, and judicial policy. AFP is a little vague on what all that means.

Apparently, the economy in the Faroes is doing well, based mostly on tourism, fishing, and agriculture. Unemployment is close to zero. I wonder how much that has to do with damn few people living there.

Haven't seen anything on how the Danes feel about the Faroes pulling away. Maybe they don't care. Perhaps my European correspondent, who is Danish, will chime in with a post (hint, hint).

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