Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gotta protect your house

A bunch of new people were added to the project today. There were seven of us, and they just added eight or so -- I didn't really pay very much attention. I have seen one of them before, I actually know one of them and the rest could be anybody for all I know. The layout of seats on this project led to an interesting moment when the new folks came in. Until yesterday, the seven of us were in a section in the back corner of the review room, separated from another relatively small project area by a pair of dividers. The folks from the firm removed the two dividers yesterday, so suddenly our review area doubled in size. Instead of looking at a divider, I am now looking at a couple rows of desks and computers, with a divider between those two rows and the larger review area beyond.

The original review area has about six unused seats, the newly added area has about 12 or 14 seats. After their orientation today, the FNGs (Google it) came streaming in. Not a single one came over into the original review area, despite the fact that there are a couple vacant seats that would be considered prime on most review projects (facing the direction anyone from the firm would come from -- as Wild Bill Hickock learned the hard way, never sit with your back to the door). I don't know if they sensed the unspoken hostility coming from our side (more people means the project will be over faster, and we just got overtime added, suddenly making this project a little more desirable), but they clearly got the message that crossing over into our section was not a good idea.


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