Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why yes, it is a traffic post

Got a couple newcomers to Eff You: Belarus and Malaysia. Not sure what either one is doing here, but we aim to please, so we'll give them a big Eff You welcome.

Malaysia, of course, is a two-piece nation in Southeast Asia. Half the country is on the Malay Peninsula, half is on the island of Borneo. It's a federal constitutional monarchy, about 28 million people, capital is Kuala Lumpur. Eff You, Malaysia.

Belarus is formerly one of the Soviet Socialist Republics, wedged between Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. The capital is Minsk, same president since 1994, basically still a socialist country. Population a little under 10 million, used to be part of the Prinicpality of Polotsk, which I have never heard of. Not likely to get a visit from there, I guess. Anyway, Eff You, Belarus.

Who knew this was a geography blog?

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