Monday, January 21, 2013

You just never know what people will like

As any good manager does, I review my business periodically to see what is popular and what is not. Of course, my business makes no money, but it is still important to give the people what they want. I am constantly fascinated by what that turns out to be. Oddly enough, at a blog about temporary attorneys, only one of the top five posts all-time is actually about temporary attorneys.

The number one post is totally understandable. Instapundit linked to Time to realize what you voted for, giving it  25,506 hits and counting. At a distant number two is the only temp-related post in the top five, They never fail to disappoint. It is the post immediately preceeding the number one post, so I guess spillover helped it to hit 301 views.

Number three is The fuck's a durecho? which for a long time was the number one post for this blog. With 241 hits, it remains a favorite, apparently.

Number four, Legislation won't stop crazy, clocks in at 117 hits. A friend of a friend linked to it on Facebook with the comment
OMG this is AWESOME! I've seriously considered writing such an article due to WIDE spread dis and misinformation about firearms, their function, definition, and laws! Someone did my work for me! Warning this guy does not pull punches and drops a lot of 4 letter words etc.....but to this is the most accurate description I've seen! Hope you read it!
I feel like I should send him money.

Which brings us to the fifth-most popular post in the history of this blog, short as that may be. For whatever reason, with 111 hits, the number five spot belongs to I got all the Moldova you can handle. A silly comment on our first visitor from Moldova apparently struck a chord. It also drew one of the smartest comments ever posted on this blog. TMLutas wrote:
Fun Moldova fact. The old kingdom of Moldova includes the Romanian province of Moldova and the territory of the country of Moldova. In 1877, Russia got itself in a war with the Ottoman empire (russo-turkish war of 1877-1878) and got its nose bloodied doing it. Russia raised the christian banner and Moldova and Wallachia (both under the thumb of the sultan at the time) answered the call. After providing troops and support, the Russians won their war and, as part of their war spoils, took half of the kingdom of Moldova (yes, their wartime ally who bled for them). In 1918 they bolted back to Romania in the distraction of Russia's civil war and were taken over again as Hitler sold the area to Stalin as part of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact that started WW II. 

Wonderful place, the Balkans, such history!
 OK, seriously, if that dude is not from Moldova, he lives right next door. Awesome comment.

So anyway, that's the top five. Temp attorney posts, political posts, traffic posts, weather posts. I'll keep throwing stuff up there to see what sticks. At heart, this is a blog about temp attorneys. Unless I want it to be about something else. It kind of looks to me like that is working. If you don't like it, you may, of course, refer to the title of the blog.

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