Thursday, January 3, 2013

What is truth, really?

I'm not trying to get existential here, I'm just trying to let you know what it means to be a temporary attorney. No matter what project your are on, the possibility exists that a better project will come along. This presents contact attorneys with the classic bird-in-the-hand problem: Do I jump to a project full of unknowns, or do I stick with a shitty project where I know the parameters of what is going to happen? Last week, I was offered a one-week project with lots of overtime, while I was working on a project with at least a month to go but no overtime. Classic dilemma, as set up by The Clash. Should I Stay or Should I Go?:

Well, naturally I took the overtime project. As a precautionary measure, I did not quit the other project, but merely suggested that I was taking New Year's week off. I implied there was a family travel related reason, but did not explicitly state that such was the case. As it happened, the big overtime was a myth. I am heading back to the no-overtime project tomorrow, loving the fact that in my absence, the project has added 10 hours per week of overtime. Sounds good to me. While I am certain that the agency knew I was not being completely honest about my absence, I think they didn't know for sure and were perfectly happy being lied to. Now they can put me back on the project without explanations. Raising the question: Would I lie to you?

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