Monday, April 29, 2013

Looks like we have a new rule

And the rule, which I dub Rule No. 4, is this: "At some point during every project, They will raise false hope." They, of course, includes the agency, the firm and, usually through the agency and/or the firm, the client. They do this with promises of benefits -- more hours, a longer project duration, a pay increase, whatever -- that subsequently prove empty. Sometimes the benefits promised -- or, more often, merely hinted at -- are significant, and sometimes the benefit said to be forthcoming is minor, but both kinds raise false hope.

Today's example was of the less significant variety, but it raised false hopes nonetheless. This is a pizza Friday, and the temp who coordinates the food deliveries for the project managers came around early this afternoon to tell everyone that we might be able to substitute Mexican food from District Taco instead of the pizza -- in honor of Cinco de Mayo, I guess -- and how would everyone feel about that. The overwhelming sentiment was that good Mexican food beats mediocre pizza every time.

Not two hours later, the temp food guy -- normally, this position would go to a butt-kissing, suck-up toady seeking to be a temp partner, but this guy is alright -- came around to scotch the idea. No tacos for you. Not a big deal, really, but typical.

So let's recap:
Rule No. 4: At some point during every project, They will raise false hope.
First corollary to Rule No. 4: Probably repeatedly.
Second corollary to Rule No. 4:  And your hopes will be dashed.
Third corollary to Rule No. 4: Mercilessly.

I think that sums it up nicely.

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