Thursday, April 18, 2013

New visitors

Got a couple new countries this week. First of all, clearly in response to the "square-headed Serb" comment I referenced when we first had a visitor from Croatia, we have our first visitor from Serbia. For those of you keeping an unofficial count of visitors from countries we have bombed in the last, say, 20 years (not saying that anybody is doing that, but it might be fun) that makes at least three. Go back 70 years, and the numbers go up. But I digress. In any event, Wikipedia says that Serbia

is a country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe,covering the southern part of the Pannonian Plain and the central Balkans, lying between theBalkan Mountains and the Carpathian mountains in the east, Dinaric Alps in the west, and the Morava valley - an intersection of land routes which lead southwards, towards Salonica, and eastwards, towards Asia Minor. . . 
Back in the 1990s, when the old Yugoslavia broke up (yeah, Serbia was part of it) the Serbs might have laid into their neighbors a little bit, resulting in most of their neighbors not liking them. Not that they liked them before, as the region is notoriously contentious. But at least one Serb likes Eff You, so while there may be all kinds of hate and discontent there, there is nothing but love for our Serbian visitor. Welcome.

We also got some Malta this week. Because Malta is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean with no neighbors, they don't have a lot of issues with their neighbors the way Serbia does.Big tourist destination, Malta was the site of heroic defense in the face of a nasty German siege during World War II, but it also gave us the Maltese cross and -- who could forget -- "The Maltese Falcon:"

So, welcome Malta and Serbia. Y'all come back now, hear?


James said...

Actually it was the Serbs in the set-to-be-"independent" statelets who were the first people attacked and killed/ethnically cleansed.
You must understand that you received the news (mainstream media) from countries which had an agenda in the war and were secretly aiding (giving the green-light, arms smuggling, advisers, etc.) the non-Serb separatists.
The U.S., Britain and Germany were the main culprits.
For instance, Britain secretly sold and delivered to Slovenia (the first the start the unraveling) millions in military communication just days before the wars started.
This was even revealed in the Guardian 8 years later (2000).
The mainstream media covered for the Croats/Catholics and Muslim murders of Serbs from the very start of the war, and in some cases used pictures of dead Serbs and claimed they were Croats or Muslims.
Even Bosnian Serb children killed on a bus were said to be Muslim children on a broadcast by CNN. CNN carefully clipped the Orthodox Priest from their funeral which was shown.
Stella Jatras, an American activist of Greek ancestry, had earlier seen that exact same footage on a French TV station, so she knew they were Orthodox Serb children. (And a few other observant people noticed the crosses (Christian symbols).

The point being, throughout the whole breakup, the media was biased against Serbs and covering up for the others. The media even went out of its way to lie.
And to this day they still push their lies as they definitely aren't through with the Balkans yet and they want their lies to be official truth. said...

Absolutely acknowledge that the violence and ethnic cleansing cut both ways, no real knowledge on who hit first. Haven't heard about a Serb Srebrenica, though, with 10,000 Serbs in a mass grave. Glad I got a visitor from Serbia, and glad I'm not involved in the clusterfuck that is the Balkans. They have hated and killed each other for centuries. Who killed who first is impossible to answer because no one in that region thinks in terms of years or decades -- their grudges are centuries, even millenia old.