Friday, December 11, 2015

All good things gotta come to an end

They cut us to 40 hours, as I mentioned before. I can't live on 40 hours, so reluctantly I sought a project with overtime. My current project probably will go back to overtime after the New Year, but I can't spend probably. Monday, I'll be starting another project that offers as much as 87 hours per week. I can't do that much, living so far away from DC, but I figure I can hit 75 or so and still catch Packers games on Sunday. That's the way this business is: try to find the project that best suits your needs. The agencies and firms aren't loyal to you, so you can't get caught up in a false loyalty to them. Take care of you. This project was good, but, like the song says, "all good things gotta come to an end:"

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