Saturday, December 19, 2015

Looks like winter wheat again

Ever since Farmer John, whose name is almost undoubtedly not John, harvested his soybeans this fall, I've been wondering what he was going to do next. For a while, it looked like the answer was "nothing," The field seemed to be going to weeds, so I figured John -- name probably still not John --  was going to wait until spring, then plant corn. A couple weeks ago, I decided to take Jeb the Wonder Dog over to the field and see what is what. Jeb, of course, loves him a field:

He gets to run around and stand majestically in the middle of it all:

Eventually, he gets to fertilize Farmer John's crops, but we don't generally document that sort of activity here. In any event, what I saw indicates that Farmer John -- for those of you who have just joined us, that almost undoubtedly is not his actual name -- has planted winter wheat. It was a foggy day, though, so the linear nature of the green growth is not apparent in this picture:

Trust me, it's wheat. Maybe I can update with a better picture if I am ever home in daylight again. Apropos of nothing, this is one of many deer trails that lead from the neighboring woods into Farmer John's fied:

I'm sure it isn't necessary, but I remind you here that Farmer John's name is almost undoubtedly not John.

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