Friday, December 4, 2015

I can't believe what I just saw

So, I got home in time to watch the Packers play the Lions. I had Mrs. Wolves record the game on DVR so I could go back to the beginning, but fast forward through the commercials. Midway through the third quarter, I was caught up.

So much for technical details. We got our asses kicked in the first quarter, not so much in the second and third quarters. Down 20-0 late in the third, the Packers apparently decided to win. Two quick touchdowns made it 20-14, then the Lions scored a field goal, making it 23-14. With about three minutes left, the Packers scored a touchdown to make it 23-21. We stopped the Lions and got the ball back with 30 seconds left. A couple plays later, we were 65 yards from the endzone with 6 seconds left. A defensive penalty -- some Lion grabbed Aaron Rodgers' facemask -- on what should have been the last play of the game gave Green Bay one more shot. They did this:

But first, did I mention I went ahead and made some game food? Yeah, did some bacon-wrapped tater tots:

They were excellent. Anyway, with no time left, 65 yards away from the end zone, the Packers did this:
Richard Rodgers is all alone, tracking the ball the whole way, with no Detroit defenders paying him any attention. Kind of like this guy:

Looking at his phone. Probably texting a buddy who couldn't get tickets, "We just beat the Packers again!" Hope he hadn't hit "send."
Anyway, it wasn't always pretty, but we got the W. I'll take it.

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