Friday, December 18, 2015

The return of Chester

Oh, my God. It's real:

I cannot believe I never wrote about Chester the Molester, but a search of the blog indicates I might have left him out. I've probably been on half a dozen projects with him, and he still creeps me out.   I'm sure he's a nice guy -- OK, no, I'm not -- but he looks like a guy you see on the evening news, just arrested for child molestation, and you say to yourself, how did no one notice him before? Bald on top, rarely cuts the fringe hair around the sides, and washes that hair, mmmmmm, never. Plus a face that seems to always be about to say, "I can't believe the prejudice that always leaps out anytime someone mentions man-child love."

Chester was on a project I worked last spring, working in the room next to mine, and I swore that if I ever worked with him again, it would be too soon. Well, too soon has arrived, as Chester, today, took a seat in the same cubicle that I am in. Six of us, and Chester is one of them.

Like I said, he's probably a nice guy. But I don't know why I say that. In Temp Town, the Venn diagram of people you work with and people you want to hang out with shows virtually no overlap. Why fight the odds? So, Chester has joined us. Who's next? The Bridge Troll?

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