Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Got a little Farm activity for you

Yes, we went to The Farm. Yes, Jeb the Wonder Dog stuck his nose out the window. Yes, I took a picture of it:

Because that's what I do. But this time, when we got there, farming stuff took place. At least, it did for me and Farmer Tom. Sort of farming stuff, anyway. We built a box to relocate the asparagus to a more full-sun location. Naturally, you start small, by cutting 8-foot pieces of wood into 4-foot pieces of wood:

Then you match up a couple 8-foot pieces of wood up with a couple 4-foot pieces of wood:

Then you bolt them together:

You might want to line the inside with some vinyl sheeting to help prevent rotting, and then put in cross-pieces:

Like so:

Add a top cross-piece:

Load that sucker on the tractor -- thank God for tractors -- and take it down to where the beds are going to be:

Didn't bother to take a picture of the box in place because it likely will move and we also have no dirt for it just yet. Expect to build a couple more boxes next weekend, probably will plant some cold-weather crops (finally convinced Farmer Tom it was still too early to plant this past weekend) and likely will pick a place to plow for corn. Can't wait.

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