Saturday, March 19, 2016

Not fillin' and tillin', just chillin'

I stopped by Farmer Tom's Friday on the way home from work, and we worked out how our farming weekend would proceed. Since the forecast for Sunday was rain turning to snow, and the the forecast for Saturday was just overcast and temperatures in the 50s, we figured we would do our farming on Saturday, fill a couple beds with some more dirt, till the beds and get some seeds in. Sounded like a plan.

Alas, Sunday arrived on Saturday. It was raining from morning on, and at about noon it started to look like snow was mixed with the rain. By 1 pm, maybe 1:30, it was all snow. And it snowed all day. Mind you, it wasn't very cold -- maybe mid 30s -- but it was snowing pretty good. Nothing on the roads, but dusting on the grass. At about 1 pm, snow is coming down at The Farm:

At home, it was beginning to stick on organic surfaces:

Like grass:

Yeah, grass:

It's fricking March:

M id-March:

Anyway, all of our plans to put crops in and till beds fell by the wayside. Can't till mud, right?

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