Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Yeah, I went farming this weekend. It was brief.

As usual when I go to The Farm, Jeb the Wonder Dog came with me. Yeah, he had his nose out the window the entire way over:

As you may recall from last week's visit, which dealt mainly with planning -- note the snow on the ground -- the beds were full of last year's late crops:

Which, of course, were quite dead:

We decided that this weekend we would clear those out. We did:

Both sets of beds:

Alas, when we went to weed and till the ground, the soil was still frozen about 2 inches deep. So, that was pretty much it. Hoping for better activity next weekend, as the weather has been quite nice. We'll see if it stays that way -- nasty predictions for later this week. We'll see. Farming is a game of opportunity, after all.

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