Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Canadians hate sex!

I think this conclusion is inescapable in light of the facts. Lots of international search engines looking for the word "fuck" have hit upon this blog. I do not kid myself that there are people in Moldova, or Sweden, or Indonesia, or Switzerland who are hanging on my every word. They are hanging on one word: Fuck. The fact that I do not yet have a single visitor from Canada leads me to one conclusion: Canadians clearly do not care about anything involving the word "fuck" and therefore clearly hate sex. I predict that, if no Canadians visit this blog, Canada will completely depopulate within a single generation. And they'll deserve it.

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Fenris said...

Idea...people in Canada searching for pr0nz know that there are many words that correlate better with what they seek than a simple f-bomb, a word that's frequently used in a lot of non-sexual contexts.