Sunday, February 19, 2012

The fuck is wrong with Canada, anyway?

As of today, the entire nation of Canada, in solidarity, has refused to view this blog. Fucking Indonesia, halfway around the world, has checked in. Our neighbors to the north remain silent. However, deserving of condemnation as Canada may be, that is not the point of this post. In an earlier post, I wondered whether going beyond the contract attorney world into politics would help attract Canadians, but worried that as a conservative I might lose a chunk of the mostly liberal contract attorney audience. A commenter agreed that most contract attorneys are liberals, but suggested that most attorneys generally are, as well. With that, I disagree.

While I used to work as an associate at a couple of the biggest firms in DC, both populated heavily with liberal graduates of top 25 law schools, I did not fit in either category. I went to a second-tier law school in the hinterlands, where most people who go to law school actually go to law school. Most of my classmates were conservatives. Those who were not mostly gravitated toward plaintiff's bar tort law after graduation ( we call these people "ambulance chasers"). I have no evidence but I believe this to be a representative profile: a majority of attorneys are conservative, but the vocal minority (the ambulance chasers that you see on TV and billboards, as well as the plaintiffs' lawyers who dominate the ABA) are liberal. I'm sure there are exceptions, but I think the parallels are pretty clear. If I decide to go into the conservative/liberal divide deeper, then I'll address this further. If not, this has to raise the question, what the fuck does this have to do with Canada not viewing this blog?


Fenris said...

Well, people now believe me when I deny that I write this blog. some of your posts remind me of my own writing, especially the ones with the random pop song refs.

I have a worldview that's pretty left of center. I many not trust government but I trust powerful private interests that run things when government steps aside even less. I get to see a free labor market in action every day; freedom is when the lords get to treat the serfs as they please. Some days its enough to daydream of the guillotine and I can't imagine I'm alone.

But all that aside.... from a cynical perspective: Conservatives are bad for Temp Town. Rubber stamps on mergers, tort reform, and deregulation hurt us.

Fenris said...

Also, fuck the ABA. They're liberal in superficial ways that make them feel warm and fuzzy and anger right-wing talk radio. They routinely throw the great unwashed attorney masses under the bus at every opportunity to suck up to the Biglaw fat cats who feed them. That is who funds them, of course, but that doesn't obligate me to take them seriously.