Thursday, February 23, 2012

I guess they were telling the truth for once

Normally, rule number one is, they're lying. That axiom may have taken a serious hit on this project. After the second day, the staff attorneys handed out little slips of paper with your name and a number on it. They then posted a list, ranking the contract attorneys by total number of documents reviewed per day, but also including their rate of documents reviewed per hour, apparently to be fair to people who did not work the maximum number of hours. Each contract attorney was identified by the number on the slip of paper they gave us, so no one else would know how bad you suck.

As soon as they posted the list, they told us, "Don't worry, it's just something that we do, it doesn't really matter." To contract attorneys, this translates as "be in the top half or get fired." Well, as Gomer Pyle used to say, "Surprise, surprise, surprise!" It would appear that they meant it: the list meant nothing. So it would appear, anyway: the people at the bottom of the list are a lot less productive than the people at the top, yet they are still with us. I would have figured any firm posting those numbers would fire some of the bottom feeders pour encourage les autres. Color me wrong.

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