Monday, February 27, 2012

She's swallowing a lot of aggression

The woman who was sitting next to me on my last project apparently had some serious aggression issues. I may have mentioned that it was not clear whether she used to be a man, and I may have mentioned that when she asked questions during orientation sessions she could be heard three states away and sounded like a drill instructor. But I do not believe I mentioned that she chewed gum like she was really fucking mad at the gum. I mean, there was a lot of anger there. If you chewed your food with your mouth that wide open, people would shun you and your mother would disown you. She chomped on gum so that it sounded like the Germans marching through Poland. When you're in close quarters with people, these things, however petty in real life, matter. Not sorry, from this particular perspective, to see this project end.

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