Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lord, how have I offended thee?

So I've been looking for an escape from this project pretty much since the day I got on. Unfortunately, it's a project I already escaped once (and how'd that work out for you?), so getting back on when there was nothing else meant I practically had to give a security deposit. That was long enough ago that I can now get my security deposit back, but I'm having trouble finding another suitable apartment, so to speak. The market is a little thin at the moment.

So last week I got two tidbits of news. First, this project isn't dying anytime soon. Maybe a month or so. Another month of no overtime will kill me, but not as bad as a month of unemployment. The other tidbit was about a project with some overtime that was projected to last for three months or more. Hallelujah! Or however the hell you spell that. Sounded like salvation to me. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand . . .

the project is at the same firm I'm working at now. Different agency, same firm. No way will the firm let me jump from an unfinished project to a new project in the same room. Bitter irony: we're being forced to move from our space to another, much smaller space so that the project I can't join will have room for all their people. I feel like Abraham -- can't I just kill a son and make things right? Anyway, still stuck in no-overtime-land. Maybe I could sacrifice a goat.

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