Sunday, February 24, 2013

Eff me, I have a sidekick

As befits a super hero -- I'm being fitted for a cape as we speak -- I now have a sidekick. Maybe not Robin to Batman, or Kato to Green Lantern, but a sidekick nonetheless. I now introduce you to Raised by Wolverines: he has posted a comment here and will be posting at his leisure after that. He will not be running his posts by me first because I want him to feel free to say what he thinks -- I believe we are philosophically compatible, but I don't want to impose ideological dogma. My readers are diverse, and I'm not trying to run an indoctrination site here to get everybody to agree with me. My goal is to entertain, maybe educate, but mostly to enlighten with respect to life in Temp Town. Am I putting conservative viewpoints out there? Yes, I am. Is that my primary goal? No. I also put out posts about food, music and God knows what else. I figure you can handle a little conservatism thrown into the mix.

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