Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The plight of a temp-blogger

This week is turning out to be a seriously weird convergence of the world of temping with the world of blogging. I'm just hoping that the cosmic forces involved won't reach the levels experienced in the first Ghostbusters movie and lead to really serious shit.

Anyway, this week is turning into an hours disaster. Naturally, we couldn't work yesterday because the firm we are working for observes all federal holidays, even those honoring presidents for whom they have no respect and probably could not actually name. It's a fucking ski holiday. Then, the agency, which recently moved into our luxurious new space, which is largely like any other fucking document review space in that it is full of a bunch of God damn temps with computers in front of them, wants to show off its luxurious new space to clients and so is holding an open house. This means we will be kicked out at 5 pm on Thursday, because the one thing they don't want potential clients to see is the actual temps the potential clients might actually have to hire. Let's face it, they would cease to be potential clients. Meanwhile, I am concerned that I have simply not cussed enough in this motherfucking post, and so I will probably throw in some totally fucking extraneous obscenities. But that's just me.

Despite the fact that I now have no prayer of making decent overtime this week, I still got home late enough that after walking the various canine units, talking to Mrs. Wolves and Lance Corporal Wolves, and checking my email, I had a choice of getting to bed before midnight or putting up a post on the blog. I seriously had a big post lined up for tonight with lots of links and stuff. It is not a post about temping, however, and I felt that tonight should be about temping. So we now know two things about this blog. First, I will sacrifice sleep to put up a temp-related post on this blog. And, b) tomorrow I will be blogging behind enemy lines on pirate internet.

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