Friday, February 22, 2013

OK, now I want one of these

I'm sitting there, minding my own business when one event leads to another and this guy leads me to this. It is a single-shot model, but it comes highly recommended.  A little looking around on the web indicates you can get them in 20-ga. and 12-ga. for under $200. Pretty sweet. This example, from Guns America, appears to to be lying on the skin of a dead animal, which only makes me want it more:

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Anonymous said...

I got mine for what is equivalent to roughly 115 of your steeenkin' imperialist gringo dollars. At that price, I am fine with single shot capacity and funky Russian engineering. Higher price than that, and I would spend the extra money on a pumpgun. Any pumpgun.
Also, these shotguns are very tight. You might want to bash it against some rocks to loose it up a bit. Don't worry, it'll hold up.
I used my Baikal shotguns as loaner/ back-up hunting gun, dog-shooting gun for work, and bathroom gun.
What? You don't know what a bathroom gun is? It's the gun you keep in your bathroom, for when the phone calls and you have to run out the house right frickin now. I don't want a nice gun in my humid bathroom. I don't care about rust on a Baikal gun. Hence, bathroom gun.