Thursday, February 28, 2013

Just trying to be helpful

Commenter Angelica asks, "What is [the] food porn poll? Can anyone explain?" Well, in the Eff You spirit of enriching your world and expanding your horizons -- I am a superhero, after all -- I'm here to explain. During the football season, I weekly posted pictures of the various appetizers and other dishes I prepared as game food, to be consumed along with copious quantities of beer while watching the Green Bay Packers. The "game food" posts came to be known as "food porn," and a tradition was born.

With the football season over, someone asked me if I planned to continue with off-season food porn posts. I figured I would put it to the readers of Eff You, and put up a poll to let folks vote. So, Angelica, the poll is posted in the upper-right corner of this blog. Right now, it is immediately to the right of this post. You still have a day left to vote.

BTW, check out the picture next to Angelica's comment. Wow.

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