Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An anniversary often overlooked

Including, almost, by me. On June 25 , 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea, marking the beginning of the Korean War. The United Nations got involved, and there were a lot of troops from other countries involved in defending South Korea, but most were US troops, which is why I refuse to link to the Wikipedia site, which continually refers to "UN forces" even though the troops are almost invariably American. Fuck internationalism, this was a US operation.

In  any event, it would appear that sombebody didn't forget. Somebody doing some hacking out there:
Websites in both North and South Korea were hacked Tuesday, the 63rd anniversary of the Korean War. A number of South Korean government and media websites reportedly were brought down, including that of President Park Geun Hye and the South Korean Office of Government Policy Coordination.
Anyway, my dad's first war started 63 years ago today. Somebody should notice.

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