Sunday, June 9, 2013

Forecast: Partly sunny with widely scattered DOOM!

My impression lately has been that there appears to be work out there in the market, but that there is a disturbing trend toward JD-only projects at low rates, such as here and here. Well, things just got even worse. Below is a post from The Posse List advertising a project that is not JD-only, but does not require DC bar and pays $2-$3 below current market rate, which is already $4-$5 below the pre-crash market rate:

[An agency I've never actually worked for, although I tried once] is Currently Staffing a Document Review Project in Washington, DC Project Details:
Location – Washington , DC
Start Date – Monday June 10th 2013
Duration – 1-3 months
Schedule – 40 hours per week
Rate – $28.00 per hour
Project Type: Document Review - relevancy and privilege issues
Project Requirements:
Bar Membership – Candidates need to be barred in any US jurisdiction, active and in good standing-
Availability beginning Monday 6/10/2013 and not have vacation/travel plans during the duration of the project.
Experience – Previous document review strongly preferred
 How to Apply - READ CAREFULLYSimply reply back to: [the recruiting email of the agency]   (please do not change the subject line), attach your resume as a MS Word file (even if you know we have it already), and indicate that you meet the requirements listed above
 What Happens Next?When we receive your resume and email indicating how you meet each of the requirements listed above we will review the resume and call you if we believe there is a good potential that you would be selected.  Once we have spoken to you and obtained your permission we will send the resume to our client.  Once we hear from them we will let you know if you were selected for the project.  We will not send your resume ANYWHERE without your express permission to do so.
Okey-dokey. The trend of not requiring DC Bar membership continues, as does the downward pressure on rates and the lack of overtime. None of this bodes well for anything but DOOM! Exit strategy, anyone?

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