Thursday, June 20, 2013

You can't get a better gun-control turnout than this in California?!?!?!?!

Hey, maybe San Bernardino is one of those secret pockets of conservatism in California, but I doubt it. In any event, a pro-gun control rally held on the six-month anniversary of the Newtown, Ct., shootings in San Bernardino managed to draw a whopping three people. This, apparently, is not embarrassing, because three people today clearly means more tomorrow. Right? Not according to Curt Lewis, a useful idiot for Obama for America, er, Ostentatiously Fucking America, er, Organizing for America, a 501c(4) organization that was certified as tax-exempt by the IRS in less than a month while hundreds of conservative organizations waited up to 3 years for the same certification -- or to be turned down. But that's for another post.

In any event, Curt Lewis seemed to be encouraged by the turnout for the event.
The protest drew three members of Organizing for Action, a nonprofit group that supports President Barack Obama's agenda, to the National Orange Show Events Center.
"It's three people today, but it will be 23 next time, and we'll see the time after that," Lewis said.
Yeah, right. Shut up, this shit is embarrassing for the no-guns crowd. Even if he's right and they get 23 next time. We're talking about southern California, people. You can't turn out thousands to make ignorant noises against guns, then you suck.

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