Sunday, June 23, 2013

You would think liberals would learn from stuff like this

Note: This has been in the draft folder for a while, so "recently" is a relative thing in this post.

The website recently put out its annual list of most business-friendly states. No surprises, the five states considered least business friendly are bluest of the blue:

46 New Jersey
47 Massachusetts
48 Illinois
49 New York
50 California

And yeah, in this context, being 50th is bad. It also really comes as no surprise to me that none of the states in the top 25 are "blue" states. There are some purple states, but not a single one run by liberals. The top five most business-friendly states?

1 Texas
2 Florida
3 North Carolina
4 Tennessee
5 Indiana

Some of those states have voted blue in recent years, but none are governed by blue fucks anymore. Certainly no one would group them ideologically with the bottom five. Wonder what that means? Well, for one thing, it means you can put the top five on a list of "good places to get a job" and the bottom five on a list of "states most likely to go bankrupt in the next couple years." After you make up those two lists, come talk to me about the wonderful social programs in those blue states. Because, oh yeah, those bottom five states also will rank high on the list of "states where people with jobs and brains are leaving for other states." Just sayin'.

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Anonymous said...

Of course they never learn. It's why they're liberals.