Friday, May 15, 2015

Can we all just accept that Emperor Barry is a dick?

Let's face it, his go-to move when someone disagrees with him is to either insult their intelligence or question their motives. Because the people who disagree with him usually are conservatives, this has not been a problem for the lamestream media, who always are happy to question the motives and/or intelligence of conservatives.

My, how things have changed. Our naked emperor has taken to using these tactics on his own party, and they are Shocked! Shocked! at his approach:
President Obama’s performance in pushing for approval of fast track legislation of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, in which he’s allied with Republicans and has spent the last week castigating and insulting liberal Democrats, has been one of the most bizarre and ill-advised performances of his presidency.
I spent many years working for senior Democratic Senators such as Lloyd Bentsen and House Democratic leaders beginning with the legendary Speaker Tip O’Neill, and have never seen any president of either party insult so many members of his own party’s base and members of the House and Senate as Mr. Obama has in his weeks of tirades against liberals on trade.
In Mr. Obama’s speech at Nike last week, his comments to Matt Bai of Yahoo over the weekend, and White House press secretary Josh Earnest’s comments to reporters on Monday, Mr. Obama and his White House staff have repeated a string of personal insults directed against prominent liberal Democrats in Congress, liberal Democrats across the nation, organized labor, and leading public interest and environmental groups who share doubts about the TPP trade deal.
That's from the New York Observer, a liberal rag, not the New York Post, which is the only conservative voice north of the Hudson. Barry is actually taking fire from his own people and, as someone who always belittles people who disagree with him, he is perfectly willing to lay waste to his own party. I kind of like it, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), a progressives favorite, might be less enamored of Emperor Barry's approach:
President Barack Obama's swing at liberal favorite Elizabeth Warren has stirred a controversy that may complicate the chances of a pan-Pacific trade pact and could make it harder for the White House to get its way in future legislative battles.
Facing stiff opposition to the trade deal from sections of his own Democratic Party, Obama launched a personalized criticism of Warren's efforts to lead the fight against giving the administration "fast-track" negotiating authority.
It was an approach that appeared to elevate the Democratic senator from Massachusetts, already a favorite of the party's left wing for her work on consumer protection and Wall Street reforms, and energize her supporters.
. . .
By stoking a personal battle with Warren, Obama risks making her a more dangerous rival in Congress, giving her more clout to push the president and 2016 Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton to the left on issues such as income inequality, minimum wage hikes and efforts to rein in Wall Street.
 Now fellow Democrats are critical of the president, not of Sen. Warren:
"The president miscalculated in making this about Elizabeth Warren, that backfired badly. It only served to raise awareness of the issue and drive people away from his position," said Chris Kofinis, a Democratic strategist who has worked with labor unions opposed to the pact.
"It never makes sense to make these kinds of issues personal," he said.
In the Yahoo interview, Obama said Warren's arguments "don't stand the test of fact and scrutiny."
Well, if Democrats are shocked that the president is an asshole who believes firmly in the politics of personal destruction by impugning the motives and intelligence of his opponents, they haven't been paying attention. They deserve the Captain Louis Renault Award:

I hope it keeps coming.

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