Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I plant, it rains. Questions?

Went to The Farm on Sunday and, once again, my special talent came into play. I put seeds in the ground, rain falls from the sky. It's simple and, this year at least, automatic.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Yes, farming occurred on Sunday. Planting was involved, as was harvesting, as things are growing quite nicely on The Farm. We will take things in their turn. First, of course, is the trip to The Farm, which Jeb the Wonder Dog enjoyed tremendously:

Got to The Farm and did a quick survey of the beds. The peas look good:

The radishes and lettuce look good:

The garlic looks good, but needs weeding:

The spinach looks good:

The onions look good:

The potatoes look good:

Both beds:

The carrots look good, too (I''m detecting a theme here):

And, yes, the beans look good:

So I weeded the garlic, which now looks even better:

Given how good things looked, I had to harvest some stuff. So I got some asparagus:

And I got some spinach:

Both were greeted with great joy at Chez Wolves. Of course, that was not all that needed to happen. We needed to plant our zucchini and squash, with which I had magnificent success in starting the plants:

Alas, this is where I needed to plant them. Yeah, needs tilling:

I tilled the shit out of that plot. For reasons probably related to alcohol-induced stupidity, I apparently deleted the pictures of the tilled plot. And of the planted plot, for that matter. Of course, I kept the picture of Farmer Tom putting up the rabbit fence:

Not to mention the picture of Farmer Tom watering some of the plants:

Mind you, because of my special ability, watering probably was unnecessary. It rained some Sunday night, and it rained a lot on Monday night. I plant, it rains. Clear?

Obviously, I need to do better in documenting our farming activities. I'll see what I can do. Next weekend,  the peppers go in the ground, as well as the cucumbers. That should be the last planting for a bit, but I guess we'll see.

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