Monday, May 11, 2015

Wasn't much farming this weekend

Mother's Day, doncha know. Farmer Tom's wife has  something like 10 sisters and they all come over to The Farm for Mother's Day every year. We don't do any real farming then, and this year was no really an exception. I checked up on things, but with one notable departure, I didn't do any farming.

First of all, Farmer Tom got the tomatoes in the ground, so we're good with God:

 Looking around, I saw that the beans are coming in nicely:

The radishes, lettuce and peas also are looking good:

The garlic seems to be enjoying the full sun:

Also, the spinach is pumping:

Spuds are starting to come up:

So are the onions:

Farmer Tom has neglected the asparagus, which got a little leggy. Some of it went to seed. Too early for that:

So, I harvested the appropriate plants and cut back those that had gone to seed. We should still get some good production from here as a result:

Left Farmer Tom with some asparagus:

Next weekend, the cukes, zukes and squash will go in, as will the bell peppers and hot peppers. Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, of course.

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