Saturday, May 23, 2015

You're going to want some dinner to go with that dessert, so how about some seafood porn?

Everybody likes scallops now and then, right? Sometimes, sea scallops are just so expensive that you feel like you can't go there, though. What's a girl to do? Fuckin' A, y'all -- bay scallops, the less-expensive, smaller but still-delicious cousin. Get a couple pounds of bay scallops:

Mix them up with some Old Bay:

 Toss them in a hot skillet with some butter and cut-up slices of bacon:

Man does not live by scallops alone, so fire up some corn on the cob or something, plus some limas or whatever:

A little cocktail sauce, and that dinner was so damn easy it's almost criminal:

Bon appetit.

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