Saturday, May 9, 2015

We're on a mission from God

I figured I better get this post up before I return to The Farm, since that would be awkward in a time-space continuum sort of way. Anyway, yes, I went to The Farm last week, and we did stuff. And we were operating on instructions from on high. That's right -- last Sunday, the priest informed us during his sermon that God wanted us to plant tomatoes that weekend. Never one to argue with the Almighty, we did. But first of all, we checked in on The Farm's status, and things seem to be growing:

No, really.

Here are the peas. My main task last weekend was to put up a string trellis for the peas:

I did so:

Looks good. Should support all kinds of pea growth. Farmer Tom completed installation of our watering system before I even got there:

This meant there were hoses to be buried:

I buried them:

The hoses are now safe from the mower. Even Jeb the Wonder Dog could not find them:

Finally, we got to our Mission from God: plant tomatoes. So we laid the tomato plants out:

And we set up a trellis for some of them to climb:

I suspect that when I get back to The Farm on Sunday, Farmer Tom will have the tomatoes in the ground, caged up. We'll see. I have squash and zuke seeds in the dirt, waiting to transplant, so there should be plenty of Farm porn to go around soon.
After all, we're on a Mission from God:

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