Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fall farming is much easier

Wow. I'm going to The Farm again tomorrow, and I am just now putting up last week's farming post. I guess that's because it isn't really that exciting. There really isn't very much to do right now except hope that the stuff grows fast enough to beat the killing frosts. It's already getting into the 30s and 40s as night. I'm a little worried that our cold-weather crops might have gone in too late. Also, I barely have any idea what Farmer Tom planted. I think this is kale and kohlrabi, whatever that is:

This is some kind of lettuce, and beets:

Turnips and parsnips here. As you can see. the stuff is mostly coming in OK, I just worry that it might get too cold too soon:

More turnips? I don't know:

A little broccoli. The big one was from the first planting, which largely failed because of weather. Too damn hot. The little ones came later:

Same story for the cauliflower:

And for the spinach:

And for whatever this is, which I think is beets:

Some kind of spinach or lettuce:

The carrots, peppers and tomatoes continue to come along. Maters almost done. I've bee jarring a bunch, and making sauce. We'll see what we see tomorrow.

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