Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Finally got back on The Farm

Despite a whole bunch of rain last weekend, I made it to The Farm. I got pretty wet, but I made it. A lot of fall crops are in and just getting started, but we also have the last gasp of the summer crops. These tiny peppers are really hot and probably are destined to become hot sauce:

But these sweet peppers are more likely to wind up in some kind of spaghetti sauce:

More hot sauce material:

We are looking at a bumper crop of peppers, mostly of the hot variety. I have already jarred a metric shit ton of hot sauce, and dried another metric shit ton of peppers to grind for hot pepper. We'll see hot that all turns out. Anyway, here we have several plantings of turnips in various stages of development:

Likewise, we have two plantings of spinach going here. Some of the first planting came up, but a lot didn't -- probably because of the heat wave -- so a second planting is no coming in, as well:

Beets and cabbage coming in:

Cauliflower coming up, as well. Two plantings again, for the same reason as the spinach:

Same for the broccoli:

The last planting of beans is flowering, but does not seem to be producing. I think the bees went home for the winter, so this crop might not produce:

Kohlrabi, kale, collards. We got it all:

What I said up there:

Even planted some brussel sprouts, which are coming in. Hope to have better results as a fall crop:

The carrots continue to produce, and a new planting is coming up. We'll see how that works out:

Harvested what is likely to be just about the last of the tomatoes. Got a bunch:

Ditto for green beans:

I also harvested a ludicrous amount of peppers, which I dried or turned into hot sauce. I think the picture was for shit, or maybe I didn't take one. Whatevs. Anyway, Jeb the Wonder Dog once again enjoyed sticking his nose out the window:

Just a couple days and I'll be back. We'll see what's what then.

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