Saturday, October 15, 2016

It's almost as if there were different standards of justice for Clintons and regular people

Last week, a person was arrested for allegedly having classified documents at home without authorization. No, it wasn’t Hillary Clinton—but it makes you wonder, why not?
Police executed a warrant to search Harold Thomas Martin III’s home and found classified documents. Did police execute a warrant to search Clinton’s home? No, of course not.
What is the evidence against Martin? First, they found documents that “contained highly classified information of the United States, including Top Secret and Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (SCI).” Hillary Clinton’s server also contained eight email chains of Top Secret information and had emails classified as Special Access Programs an even more restricted subcategory of Sensitive Compartmented Information.
Six of the documents found in Martin’s house were “obtained from sensitive intelligence” including being produced “through sensitive government sources, methods, and capabilities.” Hillary Clinton’s emails contained spy satellite information on North Korean nuclear assets. It is hard to get more “being collected through sensitive government sources, methods and capabilities” than that.
There's no longer much question that Hillary Clinton got a pass from the highest levels of government.

Recent FBI document releases make it clear that Emperor Barry the Lame, despite saying he learned about his former secretary of state's private email server at the same time the rest of us did, in the newspapers, corresponded with her using that server address. Yeah, he lied, and he didn't want that kind of stuff coming out in a criminal investigation.

Further, the FBI apparently granted immunity to almost everybody and accepted significant restrictions on what information they could have -- restrictions imposed by the people they were investigating -- that made it pretty much impossible to prosecute. FBI Director Bill Comey might be facing a revolt from within FBI ranks. He certainly is no longer viewed by anybody but the most die-hard Democrats as anything but an Obama hack. The rule of law is significantly damaged by this entire affair.

I wonder if Mr. Martin's lawyers will try the "Hillary defense?" He had no evil intent, after all.

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