Friday, October 21, 2016

I don't know why she does this, she just does

For reasons that escape me, Mayhem likes to come into the bathroom in the morning while I am brushing my teeth and jump up on my left shoulder. She does this pretty much every day. She has taken to waiting on the toilet or sink while I am in the shower, so that when I come out, there she is. Usually, she waits until I get dressed and come back the the bathroom to brush my teeth before she heads for the shoulder, but not always.

She also used to leave it alone on weekends, because I get up so much later. No more. So now I get kit-tay on the shoulder everyday until she decides it is time to get down. During the week, this works OK because I go to put food in their bowls, and she wants down. Weekends are a different story, and I can wind up walking around the house for quite some time with a cat on my shoulder, as here:

She gets quite comfy, actually.

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