Thursday, October 6, 2016

I did game food last week without a game

The Packers were on the bye last week, but I did game food for the Cowboys game. Naturally, I was hoping for the Cowboys to lose to whoever the fuck they played, but they didn't.

For the occasion, I test drove two new recipes. I made a critical error in the middle of preparation, and so I am not presenting the step-by-step instructions. Maybe on take two. The result were edible -- and pretty good -- but were not the recipes, so we'll leave that for another time.

Naturally, I fixed potato skins:

I also prepared my new favorite, stuffed tater tots:

This was supposed to be muffin cup pot pie. It turned out pretty good, but not what was planned. I'll try again soon:

The ingredient that should have gone into this recipe -- muffin cup broccoli chicken casserole -- didn't, and so the appearance was poor, but the taste was good. Again, not to recipe, so better luck next time:

The food looked good:

In fairness, it tasted good, too. It just wasn't up to standards. Too many balls in the air. Next time.

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