Thursday, May 11, 2017

$2,000 bail? If I had done this, I'd be under the jail

I'm sure that if I committed a couple of felonies like these in The Peoples' Republic of Montgomery County, I would not be making bail and I would be looking at many, many years in jail. I guess it helps to be an illegal alien:
Mario Granados-Alvarado, a Wheaton resident who is from El Salvador, had been arrested May 1 in Kensington after allegedly driving a stolen car on school property. In the trunk of the car, police found an assault rifle that had been stolen from a City of Rockville police cruiser. Officers also discovered a second stolen car and a second stolen gun nearby.
Granados-Alvarado, whom police previously referred to as Mario Alvarado, was issued a $2,000 bond and released Wednesday, according to court documents. However, ICE had put out a detainer on him the day before and officers with the agency arrested him after his release, according to a press release publicized Monday.
He stole a car. He stole a rifle from a police car. He apparently stole another car and another gun. Despite this, it took The Washington Post five paragraphs to mention that the Border Patrol "determined [the suspect] had entered the country illegally from Mexico, according to ICE. He was issued a notice to appear in immigration court. Matthew Bourke, an ICE spokesman, wrote in an email that Granados-Alvarado was in removal proceedings at the time of his arrest by Montgomery County police.

So home slice was here illegally, committing felonies, and he was given bail that cost him $200 to meet? Really? The story mentions that this turd "may face deportation." Fuck chops should already be gone. It is worth noting that Montgomery County claims it is not a "sanctuary county," but they released this asshole on a low bail despite a detainer notice on Granados-Alvarado and it was up to Howard County authorities to arrest and hold the fucker for ICE:
County officials have insisted the county is not a sanctuary jurisdiction because it cooperates with ICE by providing the agency with county arrest and detention information through the state.
On Friday, Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh sent a memo advising local law enforcement agencies against holding undocumented immigrants past their release dates for federal authorities, except in cases where there is a judicial warrant or probable cause, The Washington Post reported. He warned that complying with immigration detainers could put state and local jails at legal risk.
Maryland is a great place to be an illegal alien, at least in a few counties. The red counties actually comply with federal immigration law and hold people the feds have asked be held. But since the charges are in Montgomery County, what do you think the odds are this guy gets a slap on the wrist and winds up evading ICE? I put the odds of him actually being deported at very low.

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