Saturday, May 6, 2017


OK, so I went to The Farm last week. One of the beds had some kale volunteers and a bunch of weeds. I decided to turn it into potatoes:

Farmer Tom wanted to keep the kale volunteers in hopes that they would go to seed, so I had to plant around them. It wound up looking like this:

Also, after the heroic efforts by Minnesota Wolves and Cpl. Wolves a few weeks ago digging up two new beds, Farmer Tom put some dirt on them to build them up a bit:

So, I spread the dirt around to make it so we could plant something:

Same went for the second bed:

 Yes, I spread that around, too:

On bed number one, we put up a fence to keep the deer out. The plan was to put up a trellis and plant cucumbers:

More on that later. We also put up a fence around new bed No. 2:

Back to bed No. 1, we set up the poles for a string trellis. We also did mound through the middle of the bed and around the perimeter, then planted cucumber seeds:

Bed No. 2 is supposed to get squash and zucchini later. I also put up part of the string trellis for the peas:

I will finish it later, when the peas start to climb higher. My final task was to put in some pepper plants. I had five -- three bell peppers, and two hot peppers. I also needed to weed:

I weeded, and I put in the plants. The bell peppers are on the right, and the hot peppers on the left:

I plan to get three more hot peppers and put them in later. we'll see how things go in the meantime.

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