Tuesday, May 2, 2017

And they want equal pay? Seriously?

I've been sitting on this for a while because I've been busy, but this shit really makes me wonder what the fuck "feminism" has come to. Let's face it, in the entertainment industry -- and sports qualifies -- your pay level is driven by your performance level and appeal. That's why the NFL is doing so well. Ditto for the NBA and baseball. NHL players make less because fewer people watch. Same for men's soccer (in this country) and, naturally, for women's soccer (in this country). So how the fuck do U.S. women soccer players get off bitching about equal pay with men given this:
The USA women's football team were convincingly beaten by a team of adolescents in a embarrassing defeat for the world champions.
They were roundly outplayed, losing 5-2 against FC Dallas Under-15s academy side who took full advantage of their big day.
The players did not appear to allow the display to subdue their spirits and posed with the opposition for photos after the game.
Maybe they weren't taking it seriously, maybe they didn't play hard, but they got beaten by a bunch of guys under 15 years old. Is this a good contract-negotiating maneuver? Apparently:
The U.S. women’s national team believes its new contract is both fair and good for the future of the sport.
The U.S. Soccer Federation and the team’s union announced Wednesday that a labor deal had been struck to settle an at times contentious dispute in which the players sought equitable wages to their male counterparts.
The collective bargaining agreement runs through 2021, meaning the players will be under contract through the 2019 World Cup in France and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
The women will receive raises in base pay and bonuses as well as better provisions for travel and accommodations, including increased per diems. It also gives the players some control of certain licensing and marketing rights.
Just think how much they could have gotten if they could beat 14-year-old boys. I don't think there is an under-15 girls team in the country that could beat the national men's team unless they threw the game. I haven't heard anything about the women's team throwing the game.

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