Wednesday, May 17, 2017

DAMN that oppressive wood paneling

The University of Michigan apparently is planning to renovate the Michigan Union building, a 100-year-old landmark on campus that houses, among other things, many student organizations' offices. Naturally, the university asked for student input on the renovation. Naturally, campus libtard snowflakes being who they are, the university received some truly bizarre bullshit input:
Anna Wibbelman, former president of Building a Better Michigan, an organization that voices student concerns about university development, stated at a student government meeting in late March that “minority students felt marginalized by quiet, imposing masculine paneling” found throughout the 100-year-old building, the meeting’s minutes state.
 The building, dubbed by campus officials as “one of the University of Michigan’s most recognizable landmarks,” is set to undergo a massive, $85.2 million renovation project, and as part of that process architects have sought the input and advice of students.
From the people who need safe spaces from ideas that differ from their own, I guess this is no surprise, really. Still, it is a little difficult to believe that wood fucking paneling is oppressing people somehow. How delicate are these losers, and how do they expect to survive in a world that is, let's face, just fucking full of wood fucking paneling? And why is it that only minority students feel oppressed by "masculine paneling?" Or is it just women? And how can you tell the paneling is masculine? And why did you even devote any effort to making that determination?

Apparently, this level of snowflakeness is too much, even for a properly liberal university like Michigan:
Asked to weigh in on Wibbelman’s comments, campus spokesman Rick Fitzgerald stated in an email to The College Fix that “concern about the paneling is not something that has been brought forward to the university as a concern from students, who have been involved with developing this project for several years and through dozens of meetings. Students certainly have expressed a desire that the renovation assures a welcoming, inviting, and student-oriented building. It is their building.”
“There is a significant presence of wood paneling on the interior of the building and we expect most, if not all of it, will remain after the renovation,” he said.
Thank God for that dose of sanity, I suppose.

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